Rock N Roll Cars

Rock N Roll Cars

Rock n’Roll Cars explores in intimate, unflinching and revealing detail the motoring histories of some major rock names. We find out what cars they owned and loved (or hated) and what motoring means on a personal, motivational and inspirational level.

They tell us everything about their greatest road trips, worst crashes and some even reveal how their cars facilitated moments of passion, with a candour and humour that is moving and frequently hilarious.

Rock n’Roll Cars is a witty, insightful, revealing and entirely refreshing look inside rock n’roll motoring directly from those who were there in the car behind the wheel.

Each week we also take a look at and explore the histories of two potential Rock n’Roll cars, sometimes taking them out on the track, or simply basking in their glorious beauty.

Cars include: John Lennon’s psychedelic Rolls Royce Phantom – Lamborgini Aventador – Maclaren 720s – Jaguar E Type – Corvette Crossfire – Cadillac Fleetwood – Ferrari Dino – Bentley GT – Mustang Fastback – Ferrari F2X – BMW 507 – Morgan Aero 8 – and quite a few others.

Series 10 x30 min

  • Date May 14, 2018
  • Tags Motoring, TV Show