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Findings from 14 GW of thermography in 17 countries

Please find a reprint from our data processing partner Sensehawk on the benefits of Thermal Scanning for Solar fields. SenseHawk lists insights gained while using the detection and classification analytics capabilities of its Solar Digitization Platform at various sites across countries and technologies. Hotspots impact site performance and safety Hotspots in PV modules are a commonly encountered defect that significantly impact performance on sites large and small. Caused by a number of underlying defects, hotspots present with a wide variety of thermal signatures. While remediation is essential, the severity of the underlying defect is the primary determinant of the appropriate remediation action. Hotspots can be broadly categorized into four types based on their cause: Soiling/Shading: Hotspots caused by shading from vegetation, adjacent structures, module racks, debris on the surface, bird droppings and more The focus of investigation and remediation action is always in the reverse order of defect types listed above, with the most bang-for-the-buck delivered by correcting installation defects and module/cell defects. Beyond operational performance, hotspots also impact safety on sites as they can lead to runaway thermal events and fires. Hotspot detection and correction is, therefore, an important O&M activity on sites of all sizes. While annual hotspot […]

EPC uses Sensehawk Solar to Make 3000+ Warranty Claims

Please find a reprint from our data processing partner Sensehawk on the benefits of Thermal Scanning for Solar fields. In addition to thousands of warranty claims, the scan also netted a 4% increase in revenue of the array. BSERVE helps the EPC complete the gargantuan task of identifying, classifying, and remediating PV and electrical defects on a 130 MW site within three weeks. Weeks before commissioning, the solar asset owner seeks thermal study from EPC With the hot-commissioning deadline fast approaching, an EPC in charge of constructing one of the largest solar farms in the state of Alabama, faced a major hurdle. The asset owner wants a thermal study of the asset as part of the punchlist activity prior to commissioning. The EPC needs a quick and easy solution to both identify major PV and electrical defects and remediate thermal issues. Delays, if any, will prove very costly considering the cliff dates and liquidated damages built into the EPC contract. Since the EPC has used the SenseHawk Solar Digitization Platform (SDP) for several activities during construction at the site, including earth moving and construction monitoring, it explores using the SDP to tackle the problem. The digital twin of the asset, […]

Construction Monitoring St. Jospeh’s Primary

Between 2021 – 2022 we had the pleasure of visiting St. Joseph’s Primary on behalf of JR Roofing. We started with a full condition survey of the pitched and flat roofs. 100’s of high resolution photographs were captured by our DJI drones and revealed extensive damage and several old repairs that were no longer water-tight. Based on our detailed report and photographs, the Council approved the funds to refurbish all the roofs of the school. The end result is a fantastic improvement in the learning environment for both the students and teachers.